Elevator Ultraviolet Lamp


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Elevator Ultraviolet Lamp Description

It has been scientifically proven that ultraviolet radiation is effective in killing viruses and bacteria, and none of harmful substances are produced. This type of sterilizers makes use of an ultraviolet lamp as the main effective unit, combined with the biological detector, open/ close door feedback and more friendly functions, ensuring efficiency and safety. Sterilisation tasks only start after confirming the internal is empty and the door has been closed. Three levels of intensitivity and rapid or comprehensive mode can be selected.

Elevator Ultraviolet Lamp Features

Compact structure and easy installation Energy efficiency
Customizable sterilization plan
Work reports can be posted and downloaded via the internet.
Reminder of lamp replacement to ensure the best effect
Parameters can be adjusted online

  • Brand: Wabon
  • Work Voltage: AC220V
  • Area: up to 30㎡
  • Dimension: 851x72x56 mm
  • Power: 20W
  • UV Lamp life: ~8000h
  • Detection distance: 0.5~4 m
  • UV intentivity: 90 μW/c㎡
  • UV spectrum: 253.7 nm (no ozone)
  • Weight: 3.5±0.2 kg
  • Speaker: 4Ω, 1.5W

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