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Dumbwaiter Types




Australian Standard High-Quality

Our dumbwaiter lifts represent the pinnacle of quality, designed and built to meet stringent Australian standards. Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with every use.

Tailored Customization Services

We understand that every space is unique. That's why we offer bespoke customization options to perfectly align with your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Rapid On-Site Installation (1-2 Days)

Time is of the essence. Our expert team ensures swift and efficient installation, with most dumbwaiters operational within just 1-2 days, minimising disruption to your routine.

Manuals and Maintenance Guides

Ease of use is paramount. Each lift comes with a full set of user-friendly manuals and maintenance guides, designed to provide you with all the information you need for smooth operation.

Extended 5-Year Quality Guarantee

Your peace of mind is our priority. Our dumbwaiter lifts come with an extensive 5-year quality guarantee, ensuring long-term reliability and your complete satisfaction.

Dumbwaiter Price

The cost will vary based on your needs. While commercial dumbwaiters typically cost from $20,000-$50,000, residential dumbwaiters often cost less.

Dumbwaiter Application

Find the Perfect dumbwaiter for Your Business Needs, Hotels,Restaurants,Pubs,Clubs,Music, theatre and performance venues,Childcare,Hospitals,Schools .

Dumbwaiter Types




Special Dumbwaiter Surface Treatment or Functions

  • Small Shaft Size:Shaft size 800*600mm
  • Low Headroom:Overhead Room less than 2m
  • Load capacity up to 500 kg.
  • Travel up to 19 stops/floors.
  • The elevator speed is 0.4-1.0m per second
  • Reverse load and ground load type option
  • 4 Door Position types for option as right photo show

Custom Dumbwaiter That Suits Your Need

You will get an accurate lift solution in 24 hours. Please supply main information as follows

Installation size/floor hole size/shaft size

The type of dumbwaiter & application you require (residential, commercial, industrial)


1. Efficient and Quiet Motor

Our specialized dumbwaiter motor is crafted to fulfill your specific requirements. It combines quiet operation with impressive lifting capacity, ensuring safety through an emergency brake system and double safety rope. This guarantees enhanced security and reliability for your residential dumbwaiter and service lift needs.

2. Durable Car Construction

The motor of our dumbwaiter is complemented by a robust 304 stainless steel car. This car is thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality, featuring an additional middle shelf to expand storage capacity, making it ideal for both home lifts and commercial service lifts.

3. User-Friendly Landing Door

Discover the efficiency of our bi-parting landing door, designed for easy and quick operation. This enhances the functionality of the dumbwaiter, prioritising safety and catering to the specific needs of clients like Mike, ensuring a smooth experience with every use.

4. Sturdy Shaft Frame

Our dumbwaiter's shaft frame is built with galvanised rectangular steel tubes, providing rust resistance and long-term durability. The galvanised connection parts and bolts add to its corrosion resistance, offering a reliable and lasting solution for your lift dumbwaiter requirements.

5. Advanced Guide Rail System

The cabin and counterweight of our dumbwaiter feature a unique T-type elevator guardrail, complete with guide shoes and automatic lubrication cups. This ensures a smooth, reliable operation. The T-type guardrail enhances stability and safety, while the lubrication system reduces friction for optimal performance.

6. Intuitive Control Panel

Each floor is equipped with its own control panel for our dumbwaiter system, enabling straightforward communication via the control tell button. With emergency stop functionality and a key switch on the ground floor, the system ensures safety and security, allowing the dumbwaiter to be securely locked when not in use.

Most Frequently Questions’s answers.

Q1: What is the typical delivery timeline for a dumbwaiter lift?

A1: The delivery period for our service lifts, including residential dumbwaiters, typically ranges from 1 to 3 months following the receipt of the order deposit.

Q2: Could you outline the key specifications needed for a dumbwaiter installation?

A2: To tailor a lift dumbwaiter to your needs, we require specific details:

  • Load Capacity: The weight and type of materials the dumbwaiter will transport.

  • Installation Size: Our team designs the car size based on available space.

  • Travel Height: The vertical distance the dumbwaiter covers between floors.

  • Loading/Unloading Directions: Configuration for access - one side, opposite sides, or three sides.

Q3: How many floors can a House of Elevators' dumbwaiter service?

A3: Our dumbwaiters in Australia are capable of traveling up to 21 meters, accommodating up to 7 floors, making them ideal for various home lifts and service lift needs.

Q4: What warranty options are available for your dumbwaiters?

A5: We offer an extensive warranty of up to 5 years for our dumbwaiter lifts, ensuring reliable and long-lasting lift offers and services.

Dumbwaiter Applications

Dumbwaiter Applications