Elevator Anion UV Fan

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Elevator Anion UV Fan Description

Most elevator cars are equipped with fans to generate unfresh air flow because lift wells are not well ventilated, which gives a higher chance of germ accumulation.
Anion UV sterilizers introduce negative ions and ultraviolet rays into an elevator fan unit, which combines ventilation and sterilisation.
Moreover, anions can remove odours and enormously increase air quality, which can be distinctly experienced.
The sterilisation will constantly work as long as the fan is switched on, which doesn’t impact the normal operation of elevators.

Elevator Anion UV Fan Features

Compact structure and easy installation
Energy efficiency
UV rays contained in fans will not irradiate to passengers
Anions concentration: 3.510710% P/cm3
Ozone safe concentration ≤0.037mg/m³

  • Brand: J&F
  • kills germ: 99%
  • Voltage: AC220V
  • Current: 0.13A
  • Power: 27 W
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Size: 452x148x135 mm
  • Life cycle: ~30000h
  • Operation Temp: -20~60 ℃
  • reduced PM 2.5: 95%


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