2000-3 630kg home lifts with wood wall

Lift type: Home lifts
Drive type: Electric and Traction lifts
Capacity: 630kg/8 persons
Max speed: 0.62-1m/s”

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2000-3 630kg home lifts with wood wall

Enhance your home with our exceptional home lifts, blending advanced technology with elegant design. Ideal for modern living, these lifts offer not just mobility but also a statement of luxury and efficiency. House of Elevators’ home lifts are tailored to meet the needs of contemporary spaces, ensuring smooth operation and aesthetic appeal.

Elegant Ceiling Design:

Pristine white lacquer finish Stylish black titanium edge strip Soft, ambient downlighting Sophisticated

Rear Wall:

Natural wood grain steel plate Sleek black titanium edge and mirror stainless steel finish Adds depth and elegance to your elevator interior

Chic Side Walls:

Consistent wood grain steel plate design Framed with black titanium edge strips for a cohesive look Durable


Crafted from hairline stainless steel Round tube design for a comfortable grip High-Quality


Robust PVC flooring Combines resilience with easy maintenance


House of Elevators’ home lifts are more than just an elevator; they are an integral part of your home’s identity. Elevating everyday convenience with a touch of sophistication, these lifts are designed to enhance the value and style of your modern home.

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