2000-3 606/610 Luxurious Lifts for Houses

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2000-3 606/610 Luxurious Lifts for Houses

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our lifts for houses, designed to complement the modern home. The 2000-3 606/610 series offers unparalleled elegance and efficiency, making every journey between floors a luxurious experience.

Ceiling Design:

LED downlight lighting strip Energy-efficient and ambient illumination

Rear Wall Elegance:

Wood grain steel plate Sophisticated marble texture Stylish

Side Walls:

Combination of wood grain steel plate and mirror stainless steel Modern aesthetic appeal

Flooring Options:

Choice of PVC or marble Reserved marble size for customization


Enhance your home with the House of Elevators’ 2000-3 606/610 lifts for houses, where luxury meets practicality. Elevate your lifestyle with a lift that promises not only mobility but also an aesthetic upgrade to your living space.

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