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HoE’s industry-experienced technicians will evaluate & investigate the operational status & working environment of the elevators on-site. Our experts will ensure that lift installation is complete & reliable before the contract starts unless the new contract contains relevant disclaimers.

On-demand All-about Lifts

House of Elevators comprises a skilled Residential Lift technical team with very highly developed elevator industry experience. We are committed to providing our clients with professional and friendly lift service, to build easy-to-use Residential Lift solutions, and to reduce and remove client’s stress. We aim to ensure the highest level of safety in respect of our clients’ use of their elevators.

Our Residential Lift service technicians are licensed electricians with more than 10 years of experience working in the elevator industry and will always give close attention to the needs of our clients while having the ability to overcome any difficult or complex problems.

Additionally, we supply ongoing useful information to our clients using Australia’s No.1 digital information platform providing:

  • free lift technology information to clients,
  • explanations of elevator related concepts to users,
  • the latest industry trends,
  • different brand reviews, etc.

House of Elevators’ advantages also include efficient and effective process management.  We use ‘Agile Project Management’ and the ‘cloud’ platform that are characterized by high efficiency and lowering of client costs.

Regardless of the size of users’ needs, we are using project-based management and control with demand analysis – providing easy-to-use solutions, planned optimization and communication with users, project implementation, delivery after project completion and after-sales service. The whole process is deployed in ‘cloud’ storage and uses cutting-edge software. Customers can check and give feedback on implementation, progress and related reports at anytime, anywhere.

We are committed to the promotion of the ‘high-tech’ elevator. We are the first team to implement touchless elevator technology in Australia. Our Elevator Remote Control system is being developed independently.

There is no upfront cost for the user when you want to evaluate a maintenance service program from House of Elevators. Just provide the basic information and our technicians with more than 10 years’ working experience will inspect the operation of the user’s equipment free of charge and provide a detailed report. The customer may then choose a service package according to his or her own requirements.

Customer satisfaction and highest quality outcomes are our team’s top priorities.

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