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At House Of Elevators, We Have A Wide Range Of Elevators For Both Home & Commercial Usage. Our Products Come With Modern Design, Innovative Technology & Advanced Features. Check Out Some Of Our Best Selling Products!

Home lift with wood wall

Home Lift with Wood Wall

home lift with wood wall & touch screen

Home Lift with wood wall and touch screen

Passenger Lift with Deeper Car

Passenger Lift with Deep Car

Passenger Lift with Standard Car

Passenger Lift with Customized Car

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Dumbwaiter lift

Mini Goods Lift (Dumbwaiter)

Home Lift

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Residential Lift

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Residential Lifts

Choose an elevator which is trendy, safe, offers protection and latest functions. It is the modern choice for a modern residence.

The design resembles elegance and sheer class. The elevators are suitable for business hotels, offices and apartments.

Commercial Lifts

Our line up of commercial lifts is backed by Australian safety standards, reliability, functionality and style.

We are one of the best providers for on-demand elevator services in Sydney.


Goods Lifts (Dumbwaiter)

Our dumbwaiter elevators come with microcomputer control system, LED digital display and fault indicator. The driving system provides fast and safe movement with the high speed of 0.4m/s.

At HoE, we are dedicated towards 100% customer satisfaction.

Home Lifts

House of Elevators offers Traction & Hydraulic lifts. On one hand, traction home lift offers advanced technology, artistic design, good performance, power saving and smooth operations.

On the other hand, there is no need to set up a machine room if you are installing a hydraulic lift. You can save cost and hassle of fulfilling different requirements in case of hydraulic lifts.


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