Home lift with sandblast wall

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Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel, Acrylic light plate

Car wall: Dark-Ti/ Nature color sandblasting stainless steel, wood grain surface plate, Mirror stainless steel full-height COP

Car Floor: PVC

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Advantage: an excellent home lift with advanced technology, artistic design, good performance
Power saving design
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction machine is used as a drive system, which saves 30% power consumption compared with traditional asynchronous geared machines. Car lighting and exhaust fan will turn off automatically after preset standby time.

Low noise and smoothly running
VVVF is adopted to obtain low noise and smooth performance

Auto door and Door open time up to 30 seconds would be convenient for wheelchair and elderly passenger
Auto rescue function
In case of power failure, auto rescue will be functioning and moves the car to the floor area and opens the door to free passengers.

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