What is an elevator?

What is an elevator?

Let’s start with introducing the basic concepts of common elevators and escalators.

Definition of elevators

Elevator refers to a permanent transportation device that serves several specific floors in a building, and its car runs on at least two rows of rigid guide rails that are perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or whose plumb line inclination angle is less than 15 degrees.

An escalator refers to a stationary electric drive equipment with circulating running steps for conveying passengers by inclining up or down.

Elevator type

Including traction and forced drive elevators, hydraulic drive elevators, escalators and moving walks and other types of elevators. Except for elevators that are not installed in public places and are intended for use by a single household only.

Structure and working principle of the traction drive elevator.

The traction drive elevator consists of eight systems, including traction, car, door, weight balance, safety protection, guidance, electric drag, and electrical control.


I hope this article can help those who wish to have a better understanding of elevators and home lifts.

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