Tips for making a quote when you buy a home elevator

Tips for making a quote when you buy a home elevator

No matter what product you buy, you should have an expectation of the price before you can compare and make a decision.

Buying a home elevator is a relatively complicated process. The price range of home elevators of different brands and models is very large, so it is necessary to compare the quotations of different suppliers to choose the products that suit you. In addition to the price of the home elevator, the quotation also includes the basic parameters, performance and some installation introductions of the home elevator at this price.

Before making a first quotation, a home elevator dealer needs to obtain some important information from the owner to determine the model and price of the product. Today, this article will introduce to you, what data and information must be figured out for the first quotation.

  • Number of floors and heights of home elevators

Obviously, the greater the number of floors and the higher the height, the more materials used in home elevators, such as guide rails, the length of steel cables, the number of hall doors, and the number of hall door control panels, which impacts the sale price.

  • Rated load of home elevator

The larger the rated load is, the more motor power and the number of wire ropes are used, the weight of the counterweight will also increase, and the space, structure and material of the car will also be changed accordingly.

  • Elevator running speed

The speed of elevator operation is mainly determined by the type of home elevator. If you have a clear requirement for the speed of the home elevator, it basically determines the type of home elevator. Different types of elevators have different prices.

  • Pit depth, top floor height and hoistway dimensions for home elevators

These parameters also affect the placement of home elevator equipment in the hoistway. Different types of home elevators have different requirements for these dimensions, as well as the material and strength of the hoistway. It should be pointed out here that small size does not necessarily mean cheap price, because small installation size will bring difficulties to installation, and the price may increase.

  • Exterior and decorative materials

Some special requirements for the appearance of the car and shaft, such as steel structure, glass shaft, glass car or round cabin, LCD display, need to be taken into account. Because the customized price and the standard material and structure are different, it will affect the price of the home elevator.

In addition, adding an elevator to an existing house that has already been built will involve additional construction work, such as cutting off the floor, removing the wall and cable entry, joinery and painting in the later stage, etc. This part of the construction cost is generally not included in the home elevator quotation. Of course, it is also possible to negotiate and let the elevator company undertake a part of the project content. Different content will affect the quotation. The specific content and price can be discussed in detail after the contract intention.

On the basis of the above data, the elevator sales company can give a quotation of a home elevator to your expectation, but as mentioned at the beginning, the quotation is actually a process of familiarizing yourself with your needs and home elevators. Details and price can always be reviewed until the final contract is signed.

Well, I hope this article can help you, so that you will be more calm and efficient when choosing a home elevator.

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