What affects home elevators price

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What affects home elevators price

Many customers pay more attention to the price of home elevators when buying home elevators. The price of home elevators is just like buying a car, depending on the brand and model. The price of a home elevator is related to the elevator equipment, the height of the floor, the construction site, and the size. Elevators of different grades are mainly reflected in the differences in drive system, material, craftsmanship, performance, comfort, environmental protection, durability of components, and sense of quality.

The following summarizes the main factors that affect the price of elevators


Different places of origin are affected by the price of raw materials and labor. Generally, in areas with high energy prices and high labor costs, the price of elevators will be much higher. Although the research and development sites are different, in fact, most elevator brands are manufactured by factories in China and ASEAN countries.


Market share determines the brand’s influence. Big brand elevators are more thoughtful and comprehensive in the design process. Independent research and development capabilities and a large amount of user data are conducive to their continuous improvement of their products, which also means higher prices.

For individual households, mid-range brands may be the best option, with experience working for larger companies. And in order to open up the market, it is also willing to reduce prices and improve competitiveness, and the versatility of accessories is also good.

Floor number

This is obvious, the same design and configuration, the more stops, the higher the price. For each additional layer of different drive systems, the corresponding increased costs are also different, and the prices are relatively different. And the height is limited by the driving method.

Functional configuration

In addition to the basic functions that the elevator must have, if the customer has other specific requirements for the function of the elevator, it may also affect the price. For example, automatic rescue, energy saving mode, which leveling method to use

Drive mode

Including traction, hydraulic, screw and strong drive, whether to use frequency converter, soft starter and so on. Traction elevators are divided into backpack type, gantry type and strong traction type, and the price of different structures will also be different. Generally speaking, the traction inverter has the highest price, the best performance, the cheapest screw and the slowest running speed.


Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the cost of logistics has increased, affecting the operating costs of the supply chain. Basic factors include packing size, weight, packing method, wooden box or steel frame, shipping time, etc.

Hoistway and car dimensions

Home elevators don’t come cheap just because they’re small. On the contrary, the smaller the elevator is, the more difficult it is to install, and the technical requirements for installation are higher. The same brand has different size, load capacity, lifting height, etc., and the price is also different. The cheapest should be the standard size as it is easier to machine and install.

Carry Load

Although for the manufacturer, the load is not the main factor affecting the price of the elevator, the agent may have a different sales strategy. Generally speaking, the specifications of home elevators are mostly 250 kg, 320 kg and 400 kg, and the price ladder is not obvious. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose a larger size as far as the hoistway space allows. But the exact sale price also varies by brand.

Materials and decoration

When planning elevators of different brands, some options are set to meet the requirements of different home environments, and more options will be set in terms of color, material, appearance, etc. for customers to choose. Of course, the price of options is generally higher than the standard. The price is higher. It’s not as good as handrails, mirrors, glass curtain walls, sightseeing cars, round or polygonal.

New or existing buildings

In the case of older buildings, the cost of custom elevators or even refurbishment of home elevators is substantially higher. In order for the elevator to integrate well with the building, be sure to have the elevator contractor do a site visit to determine the cost of the renovation. Due to the different building structures, each building must be regarded as an independent individual, and the engineering cost of the elevator is also different. This directly affects the engineering cost of the elevator. In this sense, if the new building has been designed with the elevator’s civil engineering requirements in mind, it will save a lot of renovation costs.

Door operation mode

The structure and operation of the elevator door is the most important running part besides the main engine. The central door home villa elevator is the most beautiful and the cheapest, but in many cases, due to the restriction of the well conditions, only the side opening double fold, the middle split double fold or the hand door can be adopted, and the price of the elevator will also change.

The above are the common factors that affect the price of home elevators. Customers can refer to them. However, each brand may have different price weights for different factors, which can be used as a reference for inquiry.

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