Passenger Lift with Deep Car

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Ceiling: Painted steel + acrylic board, direction ventilation; Optional: emergency exit

Car wall: Hairline steel Panel

Car door: Hairline steel Panel

Floor: PVC

Advanced Elevator Control System

VVVF driving technology:

variable-Voltage-Variable-Frequency technology reduces power consumption and improves running precision and levelling accuracy.

ALL-IN-ONE design: highly integrated motor driving and logic control board, improve efficiency and reliability.

Energy generation function available: energy generated during braking feeds back to the power supply could save by 20-40% energy compared with traditional braking resistor methods.

Auto-wakeup: automatically hibernation will reduce power consumption prominently during elevator standby. Our elevator saves 90% power consumption during standby.

EMC design: HoE elevator control system fully complies with EN12015, EN 12016 standards.

Smooth running curve: N-curve algorithm adopts distance control, it automatically calculates possible maximum speed according to different floor distance, makes landing directly without creeping.

Efficient Driving system

Our elevator uses a permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. It has advantages of environmental protection, energy-saving, free-maintenance, safe reliability, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise and perfect ride comfort. It saves 30-60% power consumption compared with traditional geared machines.

Safe in good quality

We use more than 100 protection designs including mechanical and electrical to guarantee ultimate SAFETY. All main components we provided are from world-famous manufacturers.

Location: Homebush West postcode 2140
date: 01/5/2023
Price: $74,000

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