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Most aerial imaging products, in fact, use the refraction of light to form an illusion in an naked eye.
Here are two products :
One is to make use of the refraction of the graphical interface “in the air”. In combination with the 2D sensor, when the finger “click the button” on the effective plane of the sensor, the sensor can trigger the “button” in the image and output the corresponding switch signal.
The second technology is more like 3D “gesture” mentioned earlier. It depends on 3D sensors with higher accuracy to operate in front of the control screen, similar to those used in VR games.
If installed in an lift cabin, this accurate 3D tracking is useful and the finger performs virtual operations in the air against the screen on COP to register the target floor or open and close doors.


Offline operation, no network required
Easy compatibility, independent of the original elevator controller


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