Elevator Air UV Purifier


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Elevator air purifier disinfection and purification system features a GERMAGIC filter, specifically developed for the ambience of elevators, as well as UV catalyst and biological sensor.

GERMAGIC, a molecule material, slowly releasing chlorine dioxide, is a powerful and non-poisonous disinfectant recommended by WHO. Safely reduce transmission of droplets and aerosol without side effects on the human body.

Such a sterilizer can ventilate 60 m³ air per hour, which means 11 times the volume of an average elevator cabin.

With Biological recognition technology, purifiers will start to work immediately when passengers enter. Once passengers exit, it will delay to turn off in order to ensure the elevator has been infected before next service, thus safeguarding all passengers’ health to the most extent.


German technology
Kills more than 99% germs
Low power consumption below 10W
Work area fits up to 25㎡
Compact structure and easy to install

  • Brand:J&F
  • Size: 290 * 140 * 55 mm
  • Shell material: Anodized alumina
  • Working voltage: DC 24V
  • Rated current: 230 mA
  • Rated power: 6 W
  • Fan noise: ≤ 34 db
  • Mesh cycle: 6 months