5 inch all in one body temperature detector


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body temperature detector Description

As an important means to screen potentially infected people, temperature measurement is essential. However, most common temperature measuring instruments, such as ear and forehead temperature guns, require close measurement distance and slow reaction time, which inevitably leads to close contact and consumes a lot of manpower and time in the process of use.In order to improve the shortcomings of traditional temperature measurement equipment, combining the actual requirement of the outbreak period temperature screening, according to the requirements of different scenarios, we use the efficient and fast infrared temperature-measuring chip, and intelligent operation platform to develop the latest AI temperature monitoring to reduce manpower input and the spread of disease at most extent.The products have the following characteristics: flexible setup, fever detection and alarm, temperature data history and overman alarm for elevators.

body temperature detector Features
  • Infrared hand-held thermometer
  • Medium range temperature express channel
  • Remote multitarget temperature screening



Scene: Short distance one person Medium distance express path Long range multi-target
Product Type: Infrared hand-held thermometer Temperature measuring access way Temperature screening
Working mode: Hand-held or tripod LCD touch screen, security access control or elevator, self-service pass Body infrared camera, LCD screen, security control, photo capture, history backtracking
Working principle: Based on big data, the internal temperature of human body is calculated through algorithm and infrared feature of body surface Temperature measuring module controls security check via IO interface, also features face recognition, voice alert for wearing mask Face recognition and infrared temperature measurement are completed at one time, equipped with AI technology, with optional functions and fast response speed
Measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃ (no black body)

±0.3℃ (with black body)

±0.5℃ (no black body) ±0.5℃ (no black body)

±0.3℃ (with black body)

Efficiency: 20 people per minute Self-help, 60 people per minute 200 people per minute
Measurement range: 30 ~ 45 ℃ 30 ~ 45 ℃ 30 ~ 45 ℃
Service distance: ~ 1 m 0.15 ~ 3 m 3 ~ 10 meters
Applicable place: Special person on duty or patrol inspection Fully automatic, suitable for factories, schools, hospitals, apartments, office buildings Shopping malls, stations, airports, office buildings