What’s the Bluetooth module?

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What’s the Bluetooth module?

In the Internet of Things industry, Bluetooth may be the best choice for wireless communication applications. The reason is that bluetooth technology has a wide range of users and occupies a major core position in the Internet of Things application market with features such as low power consumption, intelligence and low cost.

The Bluetooth module is the PCBA board integrated with Bluetooth function, which is generally composed of PCB board, chip and peripheral components, and is used to replace data cable for small range wireless communication.

Bluetooth Module refers to the basic circuit set of chips integrated with Bluetooth function, which is used for short distance 2.4G wireless communication module.

For the end users, the Bluetooth module is a semi-finished product. Based on the module, it can realize the final product that can make use of Bluetooth communication through functions re-development, packaging and other processes.

Bluetooth modules are divided into various types with different prices, positioning and functions:

There are two types of application and support protocols:

  • Classic Bluetooth module (BT) : generally refers to the module that supports Bluetooth protocol below 4.0. It is generally used for transmission with large data volume, such as voice, music and other high data volume transmission.

The classic Bluetooth module can be subdivided into a traditional Bluetooth module and a high-speed Bluetooth module.

The traditional Bluetooth module was introduced in 2004 and mainly represented the module that supports the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, which was widely supported during the smartphone outbreak.

The high speed Bluetooth module was introduced in 2009, with a speed of about 24Mbps, eight times higher than the traditional Bluetooth module. It can be easily used for data transmission between VCRS and HDTVS, PC-to-PMP, UMPC to printers


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