What is Shaftless home lift and features

What is Shaftless home lift and features

  • What is Shaftless?


Shaftless does not literally mean that the elevator does not require a specific vertical space to run up and down, but it means the elevator can share or does not have to enclose this space. 


  • What is a shaftless elevator?


Shaft-less lifts are compact passenger and goods lifts. There is no need for a load-bearing wall structure, and even an open car design can be used if only moving between two floors. 


  • Use conditions / selection of a shaftless elevator 


See the attached table, which originates from AS1735.18:2002 – Lifts for private residence.


In the table, we can see the lift types that don’t need fully enclosed liftwell are stairway lift, manually powered lift, low rise platform and non-automatically controlled lift.


  • A manually powered lift is a type of lifting device that uses human power to lift and move heavy objects, which has a max travel height of 6 meters.


  • A low rise platform is a type of platform lift that is designed to provide access to areas that are just a few feet above the ground. These lifts are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as in homes, schools, offices, and public buildings, to provide accessibility to wheelchair users or individuals with mobility impairments.


  • Non-automatically controlled lifts usually use buttons or handles, which need to be pressed or turned continuously. If any abnormality is predicted, you can release it at any time, and the elevator will stop immediately. However, the max travel height is 2 meters.
  • Characteristics of Shaftless home elevators

    Shaftless elevators have a very small floor plan and can be installed in the corners to improve building use efficiency. Due to this compact design, it is easier to retrofit into existing dwellings. No need for a pit, head room or separate machine room, helping to save more space. Most shaftless home lifts use strong alloy sheets and glass curtain walls, which do not block the view and keep the living environment in harmony.


    It is recommended that shaftless elevators be maintained at least once a year. If the user is highly dependent on the normal operation of the elevator, you can consider performing inspection and maintenance every six or three months.


    Many new customers consider adding a home elevator for the convenience of the disabled residents but because of the limited living area and budgets, the shaftless elevator has become the hotspot. However, according to the above table of the home lift standards, it can be seen that due to the restriction on the use height, it cannot meet the use environment because normal floor distance in a home is about 2700 mm.

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