What is Shaftless home lift and features

What is Shaftless home lift and features

Shaft-less lifts are compact residential elevators. There is no need for a load-bearing wall structure, and even an open car design can be used if only moving between two floors. As a home elevator, it can be used by 1 to 2 people or a wheelchair at the same time as per the size and load capacity. 

A shaftless elevator is a domestic alternative to stair lifts and traditional commercial lifts. Shaftless elevators are available in a variety of models to provide mobility assistance for wheelchair and mobility-impaired users.

  • Characteristics of Shaftless home elevators

    Shaftless home elevators have a very small floor plan and can be installed in the corners to improve building use efficiency. Due to this compact design, it is easier to retrofit into existing dwellings. No need for a pit, head room or separate machine room, helping to save more space. Most shaftless home lifts use strong alloy sheets and glass curtain walls, which do not block the view and keep the living environment in harmony.


    Shaftless home elevators mostly include LED ambient lighting and push-button or handle controls, emergency batteries, handrails, and optional folding concealed seats.


    Open-type shaftless home elevators are only suitable for two-story residences. If there are more than two floors, because the floor of the middle floors is open, it is necessary to build an enclosed hoistway to prevent people from falling into the lift shaft. At this point, hydraulic or traction type drives can be selected.


    Control panels usually use buttons or handles, which need to be pressed or turned continuously. If any abnormality is predicted, you can release it at any time, and the elevator will stop immediately. Once the visual inspection has no harm, it can continue to run. This design improves the safety for the residential use environment.


    It is recommended that shaftless elevators be maintained at least once a year. If the user is highly dependent on the normal operation of the elevator, you can consider performing inspection and maintenance every six or three months.


    When some users buy an elevator, they consider the ease of restoring the house to its original state in the future. By selecting a shaftless lift, it only takes 2-3 days to remove the lift. Only an opening on the floor is in need of fixing later.

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